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Busking and Live in London

Westfield Presents gave Anna her first large public platform, performing at the busy shopping centres, leading on to The Mayor of London's 'Gigs: Big Busk' competition (2014) which inspired her to become a professional singer. Anna can usually be found at various open music nights, some hidden pubs and restaurants as well as her favourite busking pitches on the London Underground. If you have seen Anna busking and would like to leave some feedback, then you can do so via the contact page.





 Jazz Singer

Anna has sung for a 20's themed corporate dinner event, restaurants, catering events as well as with the London Swing Band at Caffe Concerto in Central London. She has a modern, yet vintage, style and is the perfect addition to any event looking for an atmospheric musical undertone.  Contact for more details.

Anna Aarons is a singer and a songwriter based in London, with a unique, jazzy voice. She is currently busking on the London Underground, as well as performing live around London. She has an eccelectic repertoire but specialises in Jazz and Soul.

Anna Aarons Trio

Anna has recently formed her teriffic trio, consisting of Rock guitarist Dean Adams and Soul bassist George Bunting. With an eclectic setlist to make any party, the Anna Aarons Trio perform regularly at the lively Sky Bar in Aspers Casino as well as at private events. With a repertoire spanning the decades and always happy  to learn requests within a few weeks of a booking, book now for your event.



Anna has been writing and co-writing songs since the age of 17. Her most recent songs are 'My Love For You' and 'Her' which can be seen on the Music page.

Anna has also been approached to sing on other artist's tracks and has also helped with the writing of lyrics for their songs too.

If you would like Anna to feature on your track, please get in touch.

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